Business, Industrial, Retail Pressure Washing

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Commercial, Industrial and Retail Pressure Washing

Grand Valley State University Stadium

Chem Bite pressure washing services combines 200 degrees of heat, 3000 pounds per square inch of pressurized water and effective detergents to remove unwanted dirt, soot, gum, grease and oils from a variety of horizontal surfaces.


Trailers for the Budwesiser Clydesdales cleaned by Chem Brite

Chem Brite pressure washes  clean sidewalks, trash bins, parking structures, courtyards and entryways.

Chem Brite pressure washes removing gum, dirt, oil, grime and more!

In Grand Rapids and West Michigan pressure washing services are provided with skill and experience by the Chem Brite team removing years of unsightly dirt, grime, oil, and residue from building exteriors.

Chem Brite


(616) 262-7871